Unraveling Memories - A Gripping Psychological Thriller - Book Review of 'Before I Go to Sleep' by S.J. Watson

"Before I Go to Sleep" is a psychological thriller that follows the gripping story of Christine Lucas, a woman who suffers from a rare form of amnesia. Every time she goes to sleep, her memories from the previous day are wiped clean, leaving her with no recollection of her past or even the people closest to her. The novel explores themes of trust, identity, and the elusive nature of memory.

Detailed Plot Summary:
The story begins with Christine Lucas waking up in an unfamiliar bed next to a stranger, who introduces himself as Ben, her husband. Christine is confused and terrified as she doesn't remember anything about him or her current situation. It is revealed that due to a traumatic accident years ago, she suffers from anterograde amnesia - she cannot form new memories beyond a single day.

Every morning, Christine's husband patiently explains her situation and provides her with a collection of photographs and a journal. The journal is intended to help her piece together her life since the accident. However, each morning's revelations are shocking and challenging for Christine, as she doesn't recognize the woman in the photos and finds inconsistencies in the stories Ben tells her about their life.

During her secret sessions with Dr. Nasch, a neurologist who specializes in amnesia cases, Christine begins to keep her own journal. As she writes, she starts to recall fleeting memories and impressions, discovering discrepancies between her current life and what she writes in her journal. With Dr. Nasch's guidance, Christine starts to uncover a different narrative of her life that diverges from Ben's version.

As Christine's memory begins to improve slightly, she stumbles upon another mystery. She receives a call from a man named Mike, who claims to be her best friend. Despite not recognizing him, Christine decides to meet him in secret. Mike reveals to Christine that Ben might not be entirely truthful with her and that she should not trust him blindly. He hands her a camera containing a video of herself, warning her that some people close to her might be hiding crucial information about her past.

As Christine delves deeper into her past, she becomes increasingly uncertain about whom to trust. She questions the motives of both Ben and Dr. Nasch and wonders if they are manipulating her fragile state for their gain. The novel intensifies as Christine's journey to discover her true identity leads her down a dangerous path, unveiling dark secrets that she might not be ready to confront.

Without revealing too much of the plot's climax, "Before I Go to Sleep" culminates in a series of shocking revelations that challenge everything Christine thought she knew about herself and her life. The gripping tale explores the complexity of memory, the human capacity for deception, and the lengths one may go to protect those they love.

- Amnesia and memory: The book explores the fragility and malleability of memory and how it shapes our identities.
- Trust and deception: The protagonist grapples with whom to trust as she uncovers conflicting information from the people around her.
- Identity: The story delves into the concept of self-identity and how it can be distorted or hidden from us.
- Psychological manipulation: The novel touches on the themes of manipulation and control in relationships.

"Before I Go to Sleep" is a chilling and suspenseful novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they accompany Christine on her journey of self-discovery, deception, and ultimate truth.

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