The Broken Girls - A Gripping Mystery Novel Blending Historical Fiction and the Supernatural

"The Broken Girls" is a captivating novel by Simone St. James that combines elements of mystery, historical fiction, and the supernatural. Set in Vermont, the story follows two timelines and explores the haunting secrets surrounding a boarding school for troubled girls called Idlewild Hall.

In 1950, Idlewild Hall is a place where young girls deemed unworthy or troublesome are sent. One of the students, Mary Hand, is tormented by the ghostly presence of a woman who haunts the school. Four roommates at Idlewild—Katie, CeCe, Sonia, and Roberta—form a bond in the face of their shared hardships. When one of the girls, Sonia, mysteriously disappears, her friends are left devastated and perplexed.

Fast forward to 2014, and Idlewild Hall stands in ruin. Journalist Fiona Sheridan, whose sister was murdered on the school grounds twenty years ago, becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about what happened. When Fiona learns that Idlewild Hall is being renovated, she seizes the opportunity to write an article about the school and its dark history. As she delves deeper into the past, Fiona uncovers a connection between her sister's murder and the disappearance of Sonia.

Simultaneously, Fiona encounters a stranger named Jamie who claims to have connections to Idlewild Hall and knowledge about what really happened. Together, they begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding the school, the ghostly presence of Mary Hand, and the unsolved murders that haunt the grounds.

As the story progresses, the narrative weaves between the two timelines, revealing the shocking truths hidden within Idlewild Hall's walls. Secrets about the school's past, the identities of the ghostly apparitions, and the connections between the girls' disappearances and murders gradually come to light. The supernatural elements and the unsettling presence of Mary Hand add an eerie atmosphere to the novel, heightening the tension and suspense.

"The Broken Girls" explores themes of friendship, sacrifice, redemption, and the lasting impact of trauma. It masterfully combines elements of a thrilling mystery with a touch of the supernatural, keeping readers engrossed in the gripping plot until the final revelation.

Simone St. James skillfully creates a vivid and atmospheric setting, bringing both the haunted halls of Idlewild Hall and the small town of Vermont to life. The characters are well-developed and relatable, each with their own struggles and motivations. The book seamlessly combines historical events, such as the disappearance of troubled girls in the 1950s, with the modern-day quest for answers, creating a compelling narrative that will captivate fans of both historical fiction and suspenseful mysteries.

"The Broken Girls" is a haunting and thought-provoking novel that blends genres to deliver a captivating and satisfying reading experience. Simone St. James' intricate storytelling and ability to balance multiple timelines make this book a standout in the realm of mystery and supernatural fiction. 

In conclusion, "The Broken Girls" by Simone St. James is a mesmerizing novel that intertwines mystery, historical fiction, and the supernatural. With its dual timelines and haunting setting of Idlewild Hall, the story keeps readers enthralled as they uncover the secrets surrounding the school and the disappearances of its troubled girls. Through well-developed characters and a skillful blend of genres, St. James creates a captivating narrative that explores themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the lasting impact of trauma. "The Broken Girls" is a haunting and thought-provoking book that will leave readers eager for more from this talented author.

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