"The House of Rumour" by Jake Arnott long summary


"The House of Rumour" is a novel written by Jake Arnott, published in 2012. Set in various time periods and locations, the book weaves together multiple storylines that revolve around the theme of conspiracy theories, secrets, and the power of rumors.

The narrative is structured as a series of interconnected stories that span several decades, from the early days of World War II to the present day. Each chapter focuses on different characters and their experiences, gradually revealing their connections and the common thread that binds them.

The novel begins with a prologue set in 1941 London, where a group of science fiction writers gathers at the home of Brenda Rappaport, an eccentric and mysterious woman. Among the attendees are famous writers such as Robert Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert A. Wilson. The meeting is centered around the concept of the "Tarot," a metaphorical representation of interconnected events and the power of speculation.

From there, the narrative jumps across time and space, introducing various characters whose lives are influenced by rumors, secrets, and conspiracy theories. These characters include Larry Zagorski, an American fighter pilot in World War II, who encounters strange phenomena during his missions; Annabella, a British mathematician who becomes involved in a secret government project during the war; and Pamela, a journalist in the 1960s who investigates the mysterious death of a scientist.

As the story progresses, it explores different conspiracy theories and their impact on society. From Nazi occult experiments to the Kennedy assassination, from secret societies to extraterrestrial encounters, the novel delves into the blurred line between truth and fiction, and the way in which rumors shape our perception of reality.

Throughout the book, Arnott incorporates elements of science fiction, historical fiction, and espionage genres, blurring the boundaries between them. He explores the nature of storytelling and the human fascination with hidden knowledge, while also touching upon themes of love, loss, and the quest for meaning in a chaotic world.

"The House of Rumour" is a complex and intricately plotted novel that challenges the reader's perceptions and invites them to question the nature of truth. With its richly developed characters and intertwining narratives, it offers a thought-provoking exploration of the power of rumors and the way they shape our understanding of the world.

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