"The Hike" by Drew Magary Summary


"The Hike" by Drew Magary is a thrilling and fantastical novel that follows the journey of the protagonist, Ben, through a mystical and treacherous forest. The story begins when Ben, a middle-aged man on a business trip, decides to take a break from his mundane routine and go for a short hike near his hotel. Little does he know that this seemingly innocent decision will lead him into a world filled with bizarre creatures, magical objects, and existential challenges.


As Ben ventures deeper into the forest, he soon realizes that the rules of reality no longer apply. He encounters a talking crab named Crab, who informs him that he is trapped in a world where time and space are distorted. Crab becomes Ben's reluctant guide, assisting him in navigating the ever-shifting landscape.


Throughout their journey, Ben and Crab encounter a series of surreal and dangerous obstacles. They come across a gigantic, man-eating ogre, a group of bloodthirsty warrior monks, and a vicious tribe of savage barbarians. Each encounter tests Ben's physical and mental resilience, forcing him to confront his fears and inner demons.


Amidst the chaos, Ben also stumbles upon a magical golden cell phone that allows him to communicate with his wife and children in the real world. The phone becomes his lifeline and a source of hope as he faces the trials of the forest. It serves as a reminder of the life he left behind and his desperate desire to return to his family.


As the journey continues, Ben begins to question the purpose of his hike and the nature of reality itself. He meets other travelers who have been trapped in the forest for years, losing their sanity and hope along the way. Ben becomes determined to find a way out and regain control over his own destiny.


In his quest for escape, Ben discovers that the forest is governed by a powerful and enigmatic entity known as The Manager. The Manager controls the forest's inhabitants and orchestrates the challenges faced by those who enter. Ben confronts The Manager, demanding answers and a way back home.


"The Hike" is a gripping tale that combines elements of adventure, fantasy, and existential contemplation. Drew Magary skillfully weaves together a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, constantly questioning what is real and what is illusion. The story serves as a metaphor for the challenges and uncertainties of life, urging readers to confront their fears and find meaning in the face of adversity.


Ultimately, Ben's journey through the forest transforms him, allowing him to rediscover his own strength and purpose. "The Hike" is an enthralling exploration of the human spirit, reminding us that even in the most extraordinary circumstances, we have the power to forge our own path and find our way back home.


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